HM#25 The Aftermath of Graffiti

Test Area - Close Up
Test Area - Wide Corner
Test Area - Straight On
Test Area - Angled/Top
Test Area - Straight
Test Area - Straight
Test Area - Straight
Test Area - Wide Corner

Graffiti damage on a school that we can no longer see because the contractor removed the graffiti using a sandblaster. The sandblaster removed more than just the graffiti, it also etched the surface of the brick. Masonry Cosmetics was called to see what we can do.


A great thing about our product is that we will never hurt a brick it is applied to. Another huge advantage is that in a few short hours, a few recipes can be custom created and applied to the brick and mortar to represent how close of a match we can get. We do not offer perfect, but if the absorption is there, we can get close.


Our process is not about picking one color and applying it to the problem area(s). It is a combination of pigments that create a recipe, mixed with our elixir, creating a slurry that we apply to an individual brick. We use color theory instead of paint-like thinking. Paint covers the background, paint creates a layer. We are translucent and a penetrating stain (why we need absorption) so the background of the brick plays a part of the color. Color theory is what helps us look natural after we have stained the brick.  

1625 Miami Street, South Bend, IN United States 46613


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