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HM#3 The Equalizer

The owners of a new home were in quite a predicament. In the process of purchasing a home that they had build for them, they committed their life’s savings to the effort. Once they saw the finished house, however, the brick they had selected for their home looked much lighter and blotchy than they had anticipated. The homeowners called Masonry Cosmetics to come size up the situation.

When we arrived on site, the homeowners explained they did not care for the white appearance of the
brick, but preferred the shades of the slightly darker color range to the left of the garage door. That
was the range of color they had expected for all the brick on their home.

For Masonry Cosmetics, this home was a fairly small job, and we were able stain the white bricks on the house. As you can see from the After photos, the contrasting brickwork that tops the windows now blends more harmoniously with the color corrected brick. The same is true for the added shutters and even the pre-existing porch supports. The owners were thrilled with the brick color change!

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