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HM#1 12 Brick Wood Frame

Something about the brick on this two-story home didn’t seem quite right to its new
owners. The color pattern of the brick exterior looked too busy to them, and there was
too wide a color range for their tastes. They were especially dissatisfied with amount of
the white color on so many of the brick.

At our suggestion, they began to explore other brick colors that were available. They
searched for brick in a color palate they preferred, yet similar in size and texture to the
brick on their home. They found a good brick match at a local brick dealer and asked if they could borrow a sample panel. The panel represented a softer, salmon-colored range. Upon the homeowner presenting the woodframe, it was time for us to go to work!

Using Masonry Cosmetics’ permanent brick stain and innovative staining techniques, we created a close match to the pattern of the target woodframe on a small section of the exterior brickwork. We call this section our test area. Since our process is quite flexible, we can make minor adjustments to that test area to get a very close match. Once the owners give final approval, we repeat the process we used in creating the test area, extending the preferred color and pattern to the rest
of the exterior brick.

The result? Another satisfied customer!!!

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