HM#13 The Old and the New

Before - Back/Angled
After - Back/Angled
During - Back of House
During - Back/Angled
After - Back/Angled

Here is an older home that the homeowners put on a large addition. They tried finding a brick as close as they could. They re-did the entire roof so the original and addition would look like it was all one building. Aside from the brick not matching, this was one beautiful home/addition. After looking at the poor match for a couple of years, they heard of a company called "Masonry Cosmetics". They never wanted their brick painted and were excited to find an alternative to painting. The alternative was Masonry Cosmetics. A company who had a Proven-Masonry-Stain. A stain that allowed their brick to look natural, and give them the match they always dreamed of. Today, they have the match they wanted.

1625 Miami Street, South Bend, IN United States 46613


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